Why Hard Money Lenders Are So Helpful For Investors

There are many benefits to using hard money lenders when purchasing an investment property. Level 4 Funding shares reasons this type of loan can benefit you.

While many beginner investors typically want to go the route of seeking a loan from a traditional lender such as a bank or other financial institution, they may not realize hard money lenders can help them obtain short-term loans that are much simpler, faster and a great way to get a loan without having perfect (or close to perfect) credit.

For real estate investors, hard money lenders are looking at one main thing — collateral. So instead of having to complete a complication application, provide a lot of personal financial statements and documentation for conventional lenders, these lenders offer a quicker and less stressful way to obtain the funding they need.

These lenders are mostly interested in the property, which is many times used as collateral for the loan. This is a much more direct way to get the loan because it sometimes takes weeks (or longer) for traditional lenders to verify credit scores, reports and history and approve the loan application.

The property’s current market value is the main thing.

The lender is going to want to help the investor make the purchase if the loan amount is approximately 70 percent less than the value of the property in question to purchase. If that is the case, hard money lenders will typically look at this as a good investment and ready to create a contract and repayment schedule agreement.

This type of loan is a win-win situation for the borrower and the lender.

Everyone involved typically benefits from this type of short-term loans. For investors that are looking to “fix and flip” buildings or homes, for homebuyers that will need to make a lot of home improvements on their new abode or for first-time investors, these loans are the way to go. And for those that have poor credit or dings on their history, this does not really even factor in to whether or not their loan will be approved. They get cash in hand, fast, and with few complications. The borrower can even opt to secure a conventional loan with lower interest rates once they own the property outright. The lender benefits as well because the repayment schedule is short, and the interest is generally higher than a typical long-term conventional loan, so they begin to see the return of investment almost immediately. All in all, this is a great type of loan and really does offer a multitude of benefits for all parties involved. Level 4 Funding is available to help investors with a variety of loan needs. With a bit of help and advice from an experienced and professional lender, borrowers can make their investment dreams come true and start building an investment career that can be very financially lucrative – making any future loan needs in the future much easier to obtain.

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