What Are Hard Money Loans Arizona?

Understanding hard money loans Arizona will provide investors with an additional lending resource when they are interested in investing in real estate. It will also greatly reduce the time involved in securing funding.

Hard money loans Arizona are just loans that is secured by real estate. In addition, these loans are funded by private investors or lenders instead of the traditional banks or loan companies. In most cases, the loan is short term such as a 12 month time frame or even as short as three or six months. But the term can be extended to as long as two to five years. Another term used for this type of loan is asset based lending.

The terms of hard money loans Arizona are flexible because the lender is not obligated to follow the same rules and restrictions that traditional lending institutions must follow. The private lender is able to work more closely with the borrower to create terms that are mutually beneficial to both parties. For this reason, many borrowers prefer hard money loans Arizona over traditional loans.

In addition to being flexible with the repayment terms of hard money loans, borrowers also like the fact that it is much easier to qualify for a hard money loan than a traditional loan. Instead of the lender reviewing the borrowers credit, income and current debt load, the lender is really only interested in the current value of the property that is going to be used as collateral for the loan. This allows borrowers with no credit or poor credit to still be able to qualify for the hard money loan.

Deals the Could Require Hard Money Loans

Hard money loans are not the perfect solution for any type of deal. They are financed at a higher rate than a traditional loan and also can have additional loan fees which are charged to the borrower. In most cases, if a borrower can get a traditional loan, then that is the best solution. But when banks are not willing to fund a loan request then hard money is a viable option. Deals such as a short term fix and flip, land loans, construction loans and deals that have a very short time frame for funding are all prime examples of the perfect reason to select a hard money loan.

Properties to Secure a Hard Money Loan

A borrower can use just about any type of property to secure a hard money loan. The only qualification for a property is that the lender be willing to accept that type of property as collateral. Often times a lender would prefer a single family home as collateral because it has a more stable market value and is easier to liquidate if the borrower defaults. But multi-family residential, commercial, industrial and even unimproved land can all be used to secure a hard money loan.

Understanding how a hard money loan works and when it is beneficial, offers borrowers a legitimate option for funding when a traditional lender has declines a loan application.

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