If You Want to Get Your Loan Approved, You Have to Become Desirable to Hard Money Lenders

When you are going to apply for loans with hard money lenders, you might feel like the “choice is theirs” or that they are in the driver’s seat of the scenario. However, Level 4 Funding shows you how to take control and become desirable to lenders!

For new business owners and those who are trying to grow or expand their businesses to the next level, the right loan can be just the thing to make this dream come true. However, instead of seeking lenders, why not turn the tables and make them want you? Level 4 Funding offers a few thing that hard money lenders look for when approving loans.

Credit score doesn’t rate. It’s good to know that credit score isn’t as important to short-term, alternative lenders as it is to conventional credit institutions and banks. Quite frankly, the biggest and best thing you can do to win over hard money lenders is to be prepared to pony up the collateral. The amount you will need all depends on the size of the loan, but if you have collateral to put up, lenders will want to help you.

In the case of short-term loans, having perfect credit scores and squeaky clean history is not super critical, as it would be in the case of a longer-term loan with a conventional lending institution, it’s still important to have your “ducks in a row.” For example, if you’ve repeatedly ducked out on payments with other creditors, your lender may get cold feet about taking a risk on you. So make sure your financial affairs are in order, and be prepared to explain any dings or mishaps along the way. Honesty is the best policy here in order to establish a mutual trust.

Show them why you want it.

In this world, passion goes a long way. People want to help people who have a dream and are inspiring to achieve success. This is no different with hard money lenders. Professional and reputable ones truly want to see your business succeed (and ultimately see their return on investment). So find not only a lender that you can trust, but one that believes in you, too.

Handle setbacks with a calm attitude.

It’s no secret that trying to secure a loan is a tough thing. Sometimes there are hoops to jump through and unexpected bumps and challenges along the way. How you handle these little challenges and surprises will show the lender how you will likely handle bumps and challenges that are sure to occur in your business down the road. So take a deep breath, relax and think through each problem with a clear head before reacting or responding. Just that simple shift can help you put things into perspective and approach the issue with clarity, and that is very desirable to many lenders who have been borrowers lose their cool — and that’s not cool.

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