3 Requirements to Succeed Using Hard Money Loans Arizona

Understanding these three basic requirements of hard money loans Arizona will help to ensure that you can secure your loan. In addition, these tips will greatly improve your potential of success.

Real estate investors who are not familiar with hard money loans Arizona often have many questions about the process and how to best use a hard money loan to its fullest potential. The first question is always about the collateral required to secure a hard money loan. Borrowers want to know how much they can borrow and how that number is determined. All of this financial information is a huge part of the first requirement of hard money loans Arizona. Having a sufficient down payment is critical to securing a hard money loan. Lenders are only going to offer between 65% and 75% of the purchase price of the property. The borrower is required to provide the remaining 25% to 35% in the form of a down payment. This assures the lender that the property will almost always remain more valuable than the outstanding balance of the loan.

In addition to the cash to purchase the property, the lender is going to want verification that the borrower has the cash reserves necessary to pay the costs associated with owning the property such as the monthly payments, the taxes and insurance. If the property is in need of repairs or renovations, the lender might also want to see that the borrower has the means to make the needed repairs to protect the property value.

Be Prepared with a Detailed Plan

Real estate experience is also an important consideration prior to funding hard money loans Arizona. The lender is going to need to understand the borrower’s previous experience in real estate investing to know that they are a good investment. This experience can be demonstrated through past successful investments as well as a clear and detailed plan for the current project. Items such as a detailed timeline, tasks to be completed, comparable property pricing in the area and a plan for marketing and selling the completed property will all show the lender that this project has a great potential for success due to the experience and professional management of the borrower.


As with any business deal, professionalism is going to be critical to the final success of the project. Not having a clearly defined plan and the money to act on the plan is a sure sign that the project is doomed even before it gets started. But having a plan and a detailed process outlined to achieve the goals will show potential lenders that you are experienced and well prepared to start and successfully finish this project. Not only will this preparation go a long way in helping you secure the hard money loan but it will also help to make the project run more smoothly and remain on budget and on time. The effort you invest before the project begins is equally as critical to its success as any time and effort you invest during the project.

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